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Tucker & Smilin's Gun Show and Vegan BBQ


Lion Rampant
Come on, come all! Tents are up and crowds are forming. The prominent citizens of GFershire are coming together and milling about, arm in arm. Munchies are being laid out. On a stage off to the side, official band Smelnick The Rosenicks is tuning up for a set with special musical guests Steggers Can't Be Choosers. There's a chair for everyone!

Just don't get out of line, is all we ask, or we'll be forced to shoot you in the
and/or make you eat grilled tofu. :sick:


Registered Member
I LOVE hosting BIG parties! In my younger days I had major blowouts as often as possible (minimum of 4/yr).

Micro-brews all around and politics can be checked at the door ;)


not a plastic bag
Spence's bucket list:

#35 Organize party/campout with Smilin, CO, Tucker, Pro and Cons.
**Note: Priority. Tucker may have gone vegan which means he won't be around much longer.


Creeping On You
I'll bring my guitar.


Registered Member
Contributors and performers get VIP treatment at my parties!

And don't mind that tent over there, it's not on fire. That's just where Tucker does his baking (he has a tendency to burn stuff). If you're cool you might be invited in ;)


I'm serious
I'll bring MaryJane and LSD. Or is this not "that" kind of vegan get together?


Registered Member
@ Bubbles: There is going to be a musician there that I think would really like to meet you ;)

(be gentle with him)