Tucker Sent To D-League


The return shall be legenday!
I've watched a few last year on Raptors TV, but I haven't seen any this year. There's a lot of bad players that play in the D-League. That's why if P.J Tucker as success there I won't be estatic, but i'll still be happy, because I am sure all he needs is playing time, and confidence in himself. With that confidence he'll be able to tell himself I belong here. Which I think he really needs.


Sultan of Swat
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Haha that's to funny, hopefully Colangelo won't sign him, because he's only a bench warmer. Anyways, I don't get to excited if Tucker has a good game in the D-League, because it's not the best competetion, I know it has improved since it first began, but still it's not the NBA. But I am glad that he's there because he's getting minutes, and he's learning new things about the game everyday which is key for is devolopement.


I know what you mean. It seems like a great league if you're an African (or anyone) who started basketball later than American kids and just need to spend minutes on the court in game situations.

For a guy like Tucker though who has already been though a great NCAA program, the benefits might not be as deep.


The return shall be legenday!
I totally agree. Like you said the competetion is not that good, but the playing time he's getting will sure help him for the NBA. It definitly help Pape Sow, because before he went to the D-League he was lost as a basketball player, and then he was sent down got is confidence back up, and when he came back he didn't tore it up but he vastly improved is game. Hopefully the same will happen with P.J Tucker.

I am sure P.J Tucker can play at the NBA level he just need time to play and he doesn't have that in Toronto. By him going to the D-league may be a demotion but he'll get that valuable time. With that time if he gets success then he'll bring that success and confidence with him to the NBA. But will see, I really think he can become a valuable role player for the Raps.