Trying to remember a song!

Discussion in 'Music' started by Shooting_Palanx, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. Shooting_Palanx

    Shooting_Palanx The Rock is cooking atm..

    You ever hear songs in shopping centres, or anywhere, and you really wanted to find out what the song was?

    I've had this tiff at my workplace, where this song keeps playing, but no one would ever know what the song was haha...

    It starts off with like a bluesy guitar, and the singing is done in a harmonic upbeat fashion...

    It sort of starts off like "weeee-eeee" in that fashion, not sure if I'm going to get any help with it, but yeah, this is just me personally.

    What about you guys?

  2. LifeinthePond

    LifeinthePond Mark ov teh Pond

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  3. Shooting_Palanx

    Shooting_Palanx The Rock is cooking atm..


    Thanks for trying, but no...I'm pretty sure EVERYONE knows that song by

    It sort of starts off like a weee--eee o something, something, a sort of up beat tone lol...

    Not sure of the era, not sure of the lyrics, so yeah very grim it seems.
  4. Jeanie

    Jeanie still nobody's bitch V.I.P. Lifetime

    there was a Married With Children episode about that one time. All Al Bundy had was "hmm hmm himmmmm" lol

    That would drive me crazy. I can't even begin to think what song that might be, SP.
  5. Shooting_Palanx

    Shooting_Palanx The Rock is cooking atm..

    Yeah, it's pretty hard lol...I think I might just record how it goes, by humming or something, and just upload it for more help lol.
  6. oxyMORON

    oxyMORON A Darker Knight

    Yeah. it's almost impossible without hearing the lyrics. I know it'd drive me insane. and it's not like you can hum into the google search bar, although that would be pretty convenient. I should pitch that to google.

    My roommate has this awesome metal song playing. It had sweet guitar parts and stuff, but the vocals were like aaaauuuughhhh...augh aaaauuugghhhh. It took me a while before I could understand enough to look it up.
  7. EllyDicious

    EllyDicious made of AMBIGUITY V.I.P. Lifetime

    I was in the car today and I heard a song I really like, I'm sure i've listened to it before [once] but still don't know who sings it. It's not a popular song though, but no one can help me find it.
    i don't remember the lyrics ... though the melody is stuck in my head.
  8. Impact

    Impact Registered Member V.I.P. Lifetime

    Google Hum. I can just imagine it now :lol:

    Why didn't you just ask your room mate what the song was called?

    Sorry SP, but I have no idea what the song you want is called. Maybe next time you hear it you can try listen for the lyrics so you can google them. Although, there is a song I have on CD, no idea what it's called and google brings up nothing with those lyrics.
  9. AnitaKnapp

    AnitaKnapp It's not me, it's you. V.I.P. Lifetime

    I've done pretty well by closely listening to the lyrics and then googling a couple of phrases later. Sometimes I've had to wait to hear it a 2nd time before hearing some words.
  10. oxyMORON

    oxyMORON A Darker Knight

    He's the kind of guy that will keep introducing you to stuff you "might like too" if he finds out you take interest in something he also likes.and I didn't want to deal with that. :lol: It's just one cool song, I don't need masses of other metal bands.

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