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Trying and failing


Registered Member
We all have things we want very badly to do. And sometimes when we try whatever it is we've been dreaming about, we don't always succeed. What's something you've tried and failed at?

I know I tried to take piano lessons and I just didn't stick with it. I want to try on my own again and teach myself, but I just don't feel I'll be that good. But what about you guys?


Registered Member
My Dad tried to teach me to play the accordion but I always forgot to do the squeezing it back together part cos I was concentrating so much on the keys and buttons.

He died 7 years ago on 23rd December and I would Love to be able to play, even a little, but I always just keep pulling, ha ha.
(My Dad had a sense of humour too. ;) )


Registered Member
I can't swim to save my life..I swim like a rock, straight to the bottom.
Many people have tried to teach me...I have been in small pools at peoples' houses and tried to attempt to float...be easy..and then swim.
Nope....can't do it.
So I figure as long as I stay in the shallow end of the swimming pools, I'll be K.
But if my car plunges into a large body of water, I'm a goner~


Registered Member
I have tried to go for a crap before and I really wanted to but it just wouldn't come out. I pushed as hard as I could, but it didn't work... I had to abort the expulsion and try again later. Thankfully it happened after a little perseverance and I was extremely happy.

I suppose the moral of this is - and it's been said before - if at first you don't succeed, try and try again. :p


Where is my Queen?
I alway wanted to play drums since I know how to play guitar, but I always wanted to play drums. I have practiced and practiced and I am just no good. I have fail epically.