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Truth Or Dare


Registered Member
I haven't seen anything like this either

She's going to have to be VERRRRRRY careful which letters she posts - this could get out-of-hand pretty quickly. She is careful to say that they have to stay within EBay rules though.


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Well hmmm... the feedback is interesting. "I want to keep my ebay standing" but she says it's not her account... Are you allowed to use someone else's account to sell?


Secret Agent
Staff member
WHOOA! This is one of the most original ideas on eBay in a long time! This auction is going to be #1 on the ebay pulse by the end of it's run.

I guarantee it. It's so original! 2400 hits in it's first 14 hours.. This is going to be bigger than the Mystery Envelope.

"Truth or Dare" just may very well get it's own category here on A.S.

This one has my interest. Very cool and popular idea.



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This is a great idea, and will go far I am sure, but its kinda scarey to me, I mean will she really go to meet who ever the winner is????? What if it is a jerk? Or a criminal? I would be way scared of that! :eek:hno: