Truth or Dare girl


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HI "here I am" :) Have to say (like everyone else here) that you have more balls than I ever would! Hope you make a ton of money and whoever is the high bidder is kind. (that ticket gig would be a great one.....well.....unless the bidder is.....ahhh strange? :D) Anyway GOOD LUCK!!!

You're on my watch list. Will you be telling what happens once it is over?

(and no she's a redhead :D)


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Hey Hannah. One thing I will say is PLEASE do not do a permanant tattoo on your head at all. It's not worth taking a dare to do that. Just saw your most recent Q/A. That will be something you live to regret. Sky diving is one thing. Tattooing your head is something entirely different.


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Id have to agree with Andrew.

I wouldnt do a permanant one on your forehead for any ammount of money, though TatAd might dissagree with us,lol, but its something that you would have to live with the rest of your life