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Trunks and Goten


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Trunks: Son of Vegeta, Prince of All Saiyans. Grandson of King Vegeta.

Goten: Son of Goku, the first Super Saiyan in 1,000 years. Also, Goten is the youngest Super Saiyan ever.

Born the sons of the greatest rivals ever, these two defied the rivalry and became best friends. This friendship, however, is the reason Goten simply was never more than a side character. Trunks has notoriety because of his trip from the future to warn the Z Fighters and help in the fight against the androids and Cell. Other than being the youngest SS, and being part of the obnoxious Gotenks, Goten is single most wasted Super Saiyan in DBZ. Had Trunks and Goten been rivals, I think they would have pushed each other beyond the level of Super Saiyan and Goten wouldn't have become Saiyan equivalent of Yamcha in GT.

It really irritates me that Goten, being so much like Goku, just loses all desire to become better than what he is. Hell, he was given Super Saiyan on a platter as was Trunks. Sure Gohan was young when he transformed, but at least he busted his ass. All Goten did was fight Chi Chi... WTF is up with that? Hence the problem. He was given WAY too much power at too early of an age without working for it and thus had nothing to aim for. Chibi Trunks is useless too, but as an adult, he did much for the Z warriors. Goten does absolutely nothing.


Well if you think about it for a minute Goku and Vegeta were already strong as hell and had already achieved Super Saiyan level before conception so that could be the reason. In my case I didn't like DBZ too much much post-Cell Games.

Anonym0uz Bitch

Yeh, they should have just ended DBZ after the Cell games, and not bothered to make the Buu Saga, or GT.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I dont agree with that because you do have great episodes after the Cell Games, you have great fights between Buu and Goku, and other great fights, it''s the second best saga in my mind.

SSJ Squirm

Goten and Trunks... the age old debate. On the one hand, Trunks (not super saiyan) looks nothing like a Saiyan. Born during the android saga, Vegeta had not yet become a Super Saiyan although he was incredibly close. When we first see Trunks he's a baby in Bulma's arms. Number 1, we miss the entire pregnancy, and it's never truly explained how Vegeta and Bulma hooks up in the first place. Perhaps a roofy was involved? Anywho, Trunks is raised by the Saiyan prince Vegeta. At this point, Vegeta had barely got past his obsession with Freiza and is in many ways still ruthless. Trunks, other than becoming a tad egotistical, he becomes a well developed young man. Doesn't make much sense... perhaps we can thank the fact that Vegeta was always training and so he was responsible to Bulma.

Goten on the other hand is raised by an overbearing Chi Chi who doesn't care that Goten trains, yet she's so hard on Gohan. Goten grew up without a father. He barely understands his heritage if at all. All he knows is he's strong and can make his hair turn yellow. Goten gets some training from Gohan, but not alot. Goten is very much like Goku at heart. Care free and pure. To say that Goten could have a feud with Trunks would imply that Trunks would have to be vicious and ruthless like Vegeta was. He's not though.

Goten ultimately is the worthless character of DBZ. He accomplishes absolutely nothing. Hell, at least Chioutzu blew himself up once to try and kill Nappa. Yes Yes... GOTENKS GOTENKS GOTENKS... the absolute worst idea ever. Here's what they should have done with Goten.

Goten realizes after Goku comes back that this is the man that sacrificed himself for the planet. Goten realizes that the fact that he can become a Super Saiyan alone does not make him a warrior so he dedicates the next years of his life to training. He acheives SSJ 2. He goes to the Hyperbolic time chamber and trains more. He ultimately becomes a SSJ3. At the age of 15 he's an exact image of Goku. This is the legacy he should leave... but alas... as it's been said, he's the saiyan equivalent of Yamcha.
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