Trump's Economy


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i was alive and reading the news at the start of Ronald Reagan's first presidential term. In the first fiscal quarter with him as president, the US economy grew by an astounding 10.4%--that's ten percent in one quarter and not for the year. Then came the typical (back then) Republican deficit financing and record fiscal deficits by the US federal government, which increased the US government's national debt by about 400% by the end of George H.W. Bush's only presidential term (which followed Reagan's second term). Unless Trump does things totally differently, I wouldn't get too excited just yet. The US Social Security is pretty much insolvent already, and Trump might make sure that it can't survive and people in their 40s today end up with no SS pensions at all.


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Right now things do seem to be getting better, hope it stays that way. Hope his presidency does bring some jobs back, improve the economy and so far things are looking positive. I just hope there is no surprise around the corner that he or anyone else can't fix.


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Well, what we are seeing in the stock market is confidence in the upcoming administration and thus lots of investment. That COULD be good for the economy, investment always is, but looking at the larger picture, I'm not so sure about his eventual economy. I think his plans to institute tariffs will cause inflation, but if he lowers the corporate tax rate, it could be a boon for the economy. I'm still at a wait and see approach, I hope the encouragement now bodes well for the future, but I'm not holding my breath.


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I was alive during Reagan too. What I remember and what the facts support was incredible job growth. Family and friends that were out of work soon had good jobs. People were buying houses again because interest rates were no longer at stratospheric levels. And we were in the middle of a cold war, that we won.
Everything is different now and I don't know what things will be like in 2 or 4 years. Ending ObamaCare, repatriation of wealth and lowering taxes is a big deal. People are excited about that. Protectionism is a horrible idea and I hope the Congress stands up to Trump against his dump tariff idea. I'm hoping for the best, just like I hoped for 8 years ago.


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If you all will remember, Bill Clinton left our country without debt and starting at ground level for a change. For all his other faults, Bill gave us a new beginning with our debt. I really can't see it happening with Trump, even if he does do things differently.