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Poll Trump vs. Biden 2020

Who are you planning to vote for in the 2020 general election?

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It's looking more and more like Trump will be facing off against Joe Biden in November 2020 (later this year) as the Democratic candidate for president. There is talk of crazy things happening at the convention and someone else being put on the ballot entirely. While they could do this, I don't believe it will happen.

I intend to vote for Trump in 2020 as I did in 2016.

To be clear, I think Trump is far from perfect, I hate his view on debt and spending and don't necessarily care for his antics. He has been very good for the economy (coronavirus is a unique and unforeseeable case, I think we'll be fine in the end) and I also think he's been the most Pro-Life President in the history of America, not a small accomplishment. I appreciate that he's following through with campaign promises like building the wall (despite huge opposition) and nominating good people to the Supreme Court (probably my most important issue in 2016). I believe the media has been consistently unfair to Trump and that Trump derangement syndrome is a real thing affecting a lot of people.

Biden is a dummy. He doesn't even always remember he's running for President (look it up, he said clearly he was running for senate in a recent gaffe). Sadly, I think he is slipping into dementia or some related mental illness and it is happening to him when he's in the spotlight on the world stage.

Who do you plan to vote for in 2020? (if you aren't American, answer the poll accordingly)


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I have no idea. I'm a Democrat but I don't like Biden. I can't stand a lot of the things Trump has done but, and this is my personal opinion, he's just a stooge for the Republicans. Biden is a stooge for the Democrats and a more moderate choice than Sanders. I liked Biden the VP but can't stand Biden the candidate. The Democrats don't have a candidate for the voter base to get excited about.

I'll vote third party out of protest if Biden doesn't shape up. I will not vote Trump.


not a plastic bag
I would consider Trump one of the greatest presidents we've ever had until about 3 weeks ago when he turned his presidency over to two shitty beurocrat doctors.


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I would consider Trump one of the greatest presidents we've ever had until about 3 weeks ago when he turned his presidency over to two shitty beurocrat doctors.
I hear you there. Trump doesn't know what to do so I'm halfway happy he's got the wisdom to seek help but he's handed over far too much control. The cure is quickly becoming more of an issue than the disease. Not necessarily his fault but he should strongly consider taking some power back and reopening the country. My idea was at least allowing everyone 55 or younger (or 60 or whatever) to return back to work so the economy can at least function. People will get sick but they'll also recover.

Anyway, got sidetracked there.

Obviously, Trump is the best president of my lifetime (I started off in the Clinton years, blech).

I still wish we could elect an originalist. Someone that values the constitution and the values therein the way the founders did, the way some Americans still do. No respect for the constitution and our founding principles anymore. Our freedom has been slowly eroding away for centuries. Once the government convinces you to give them some of your freedom, they never give it back.


Better Call Saul
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I guess I have to vote for Biden...just because I cannot vote for Trump, he's just the worst. I'm not a huge Biden fan but he's a better choice than the current assclown we have in office.
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Free Spirit
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While I'm not happy with everything Trump does I can't imagine voting for Biden. I think his dementia is getting much worse. Lord knows what he would do. If you vote for him you had better like his VP pick. They will most likely be running things.


Son of Liberty
I would consider Trump one of the greatest presidents we've ever had until about 3 weeks ago when he turned his presidency over to two shitty beurocrat doctors.
There are things I like about Trump, and things I don’t. Overall, he’s done a pretty good job. Unemployment was down, the economy was doing great, but I agree, I don’t understand why he’s given those two so much power.

Listening to Biden is like this “I told Abraham Lincoln we need to switch to Corona light. What do you do when you’re in a canoe and a tire falls off? Nothing, because snakes don’t have bones. Eleven”.

It’s sad his family isn’t protecting him more and making him just retire and rest at home. Besides, he was probably the second most corrupt politician in our history. And his disgusting behavior toward touching little girls, and calling people names should be a major reason why people shouldn’t vote for him. So again, the Democratic Party puts up a shitty candidate. What a surprise.