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Trump Once Saved A Woman’s Farm From Foreclosure


Free Spirit
Staff member
“The next morning, I called and got some vice president on the line,” writes Trump. “I explained that I was a businessman from New York, and that I was interested in helping Mrs. Hill. He told me he was sorry, but that it was too late. They were going to auction off the farm, he said, and ‘nothing or no one is going to stop it.’”

It was then, Trump claims, he decided to talk tough to the banker.

“That really got me going,” he writes. “I said to the guy: ‘You listen to me. If you do foreclose, I’ll personally bring a lawsuit for murder against you and your bank, on the grounds that you harassed Mrs. Hill’s husband to his death.’ All of a sudden the bank officer sounded very nervous and said he’d get right back to me. Sometimes it pays to be a little wild.”

This is a very sad story. Poor woman's husband committed suicide 20 minutes before the first auction was to take place. Thought the insurance money would save his land for his wife and children.

Glad Trump and others were able to stop the auction so the woman could keep her farm. He didn't do this because he is running for president either, this happened in 1986. Sometimes it takes tough talk to get through to some people.