Trump on Climate change


not a plastic bag
Nothing for the rest of humanity will ever compare to the dumb statement last week that we don't act on climate change because we are racist and have "mommy issues". If there is a Nobel Prize for stupidity, he should win.


Son of Liberty
I could post links from NASA about the coming Grand Solar Minima but I've posted it before and it always gets ignored by the global warming crowd. Because the global warming crowd doesn't care about science. It's just socialism wrapped up in science packaging.
Because they think they are right, but then accuse us of thinking we are right and forcing our beliefs on others, ignoring the fact they want to force their beliefs on others.......


not a plastic bag
What's the solution to this:

Global warming is going to kill us all. So a country, France, takes the initiative and raises gas to in US terms, $8.00/gallon. The citizens revolt because this tax is too much to financially deal with. The citizens start burning the country down.

However, global warming is going to kill us all. So do you end these restrictive taxes and let global warming progress or do you send the military in to shoot in the head those that oppose?

If you believe the direst predictions of the global warming crowd then you believe that time is very short. So what do you do with people like me that will never comply with carbon tax, family size, land restrictions, etc?


not a plastic bag
I can't remember the exact numbersi read. It seems like it was no more than an extra .20. But these people feel like they've been taxed enough and they aren't going to offer another dime. $7, I couldn't imagine that.