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4 legs good 2 legs bad
Trukz is a truck driving sim. It's pretty hilarious. You start out by buying a cheap truck (mine can only go 48 mph :(), but you can upgrade it or buy a new one as you earn more money. My first route was delivering appliances from Salt Lake City to Denver. Made it there on time and earned $317, but now my driver is tired so I need to rest for several hours. You can join a company, or eventually when you make enough cash you can create your own and have people work for you.

I joined a company a few days ago. They take 8% of my earnings, but they pay for 15% of repair costs and 10% for gas. I'm still trying to save up for a new truck, and eventually I'll start my own company. It's a fun game. I'm surprised nobody here is even interested.
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