True Spiders? Tarantulas? Scorpions? Whip Scorpions? Centipedes? What do you got?


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I am a huge invertebrate fan. I just got a shipment in from Prince George, British Columbia with a few Haplopelma's and interesting species. I am getting more when he finishes organizing what he recently got.

This is what I currently have

Tarantulas: 22
0.1.0 Theraphosa blondi - Fang
0.0.1 Theraphosa apophysis - Sasquatch
0.0.1 Xenesthis immanis - Blossoms
0.0.1 Nhandu vulpinus - Oatmeal
1.0.0 Laisodora parahybana - Hairy
0.1.0 Acanthoscurria geniculata - Squirt
0.1.0 Haplopelma vonwirthi - Demon
0.1.0 Haplopelma longipes - Buck Wild
0.0.1 Haplopelma schmidti - Sunshine
0.1.0 Ornithoctonus aureotibialis - Goldy Locks
0.0.1 Stromatopelma calceata - Lightning
0.0.1 Brachypelma smithi - Pumpkin
0.1.0 Cyclosternum fasciatum - Poppy
0.1.0 Grammastola rosea - Rosie
0.0.1 Heteroscodra maculata - Angel HOT
0.1.0 Pterinchilus murinus - Stephannie HOT
0.0.1 Eucratoscelus pachypus - Boo
0.1.2 Unknown Species - Onyx, Sonic, Sniper
0.0.1 Citharischius crawshayi - Hunter HOT
0.0.1 Cyriopagopus sp. "Blue" - Blueberry

Scorpions: 5
0.0.1 Hadogenes troglodytes - Rocky
0.0.2 Hadrurus arizonensis - King and Prince
0.0.1 Androctonus amourexi - Hamas HOT
0.0.1 Pandinus Imperator - Soot

Centipedes: 4
0.0.1 Scolopendra subspinipes - Hannibal the Cannibal HOT
0.0.1 Scolopendra subspinipes "Tiger Legs" - Tiger HOT
0.0.1 Scolopendra mutilans - Cherry HOT
0.0.1 Ethmostigmus trigonopodus - Everglades HOT

Other Spiders 1
0.0.1 Wild Caught (might let it go) - Woody
0.x.0 Latrodectus (coming soon!!!! :D :D :D)

Uropygids: 1
0.0.1 - Vinnie


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Why? Just.. why? LoL.. Remind me never to come near your home :( *shiver*

But reality, any specific reason or you just like em I guess?


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Why? Just.. why? LoL.. Remind me never to come near your home :( *shiver*

But reality, any specific reason or you just like em I guess?
I've always been fascinated by invertebrates. I was 5-years old when I got my first theraphosid (tarantula).

But even before that I was fascinated by Sow Bugs, millipedes, centipedes, flies, spiders, cow killers, wasps, basically everything classified as a "creepy crawly"

But besides that, they make amazing pets. Contrary to what many believe these organisms are not mindless, psychotic killing machines. I've owned some of the deadliest scorpions, spiders, and centipedes in the world and not one of them will attack you unless they feel threatened. The infamous Black Widow (Latrodectus hesperus) has to be one of the most docile and calmest animals I've ever encountered. ALL of these organisms would sooner take flight than fight. Very few bother to realize that.

Here's a photo of me with my largest tarantula, a sub-adult female Theraphosa blondi named Fang :D

Tony Joseph Petrowski's Photos | Facebook

I've raised her since she was just a lil' thing. Never has she attempted to bite me. Even if she did, I'd survive :nod:. I've cut my finger off, I think I can survive a spider bite :D.

People are always like, "Why doesn't it bite you?" Well why would it? I'm not hurting it. I'm not threatening it. Once a spider realizes it isn't going to be eaten, they usually settle right down. I can put Fang on my office floor or on my desk and she likes it :D. She's too fat to climb a wall (no not all spiders climb) and too fat to go underneath a door.

People don't realize how much more dangerous dogs are then my animals. My aunt is afraid of a two inch spider yet is perfectly at ease with a dog that will try to chew off the leg of her son. That just doesn't add up in my mind. How many kids and adults per year die in the United States from spiders compared to how many die from dogs? On average 6 people die a year in the United States from spiders compared to dogs at 19. Only 39% of animal related deaths in the United States are caused by venomous animals. The guy I buy my animals from has a great dane. When I seen it I thought immidiately, "If THAT got a hold of you, you'd be in a lot more trouble than if my Fang did."

Anyways, I rambled on a bit. It erks me how people are so terrified of things they simply do not understand. I always try to understand what I don't understand, like golf. I've played it before, but I still can't get where the "fun" is? I know I just don't have the patience for golf. If the ball doesn't go into the hole after the third swing, someone's going to die :lol:. The point being is that I've tried it.