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Truck decal advertises abducted tied up woman


Free Spirit
Staff member
Residents in Waco, TX are angry over a company’s decision to advertise with a realistic depiction of an abducted and hog-tied woman in a truck bed.

Texas truck customizer advertises with image of abducted, hog-tied woman | The Raw Story
At first glance you think you are looking at a tied up woman in the back of a truck. I think it might fool me for a second but not long enough to call cops like some people did.

Since the purpose of this was to advertise their work I think it did a good job. Not so sure the subject was the best choice. Seems to have made some people a little mad.

What do you think about this decal? Think they went to far or do you have no problem with it?


Problematic Shitlord
I think it's fairly tasteless. They obviously went the shock and awe route which I'm sure helped their business but I can't help but think there would have been something better to wrap the truck with.


No Custom Title Exists
That's the beauty of advertising, it's creative and it's provocative! I love it!


Registered Member
Haha, that's great. People are extremely creative with the rear hatch of their trucks and guess what, it's their truck. They can do whatever they want to it.


For the Horde!
While creative as others said i just have a feeling of going 'DUDE, WTF, You can't just y'know do that.''
“I wasn’t expecting the reactions that we got,” said Hornet Signs owner Brad Kolb. “Nor was it anything we condone
>wasn't expecting
Bullshit they knew all of it lol


Free Spirit
Staff member
They had to of known something like this would cause controversy. That is probably why they did it and it worked. It caused such a stir in their town they had a news story written up about it and now we are talking about it. They got plenty of mileage out of it.

Personally I think a decal like this is tasteless but it's not breaking any laws.


This is so stupid. They did it "just to see who notices it". Idiots. Hardly creative at all.