Troubled receiver Henry rejoins Bengals


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Well maybe Chad Johnson is indeed worse off then expected...he'd have to be for them to do this and re-sign Chris Henry.

When those three are healthy and staying out of trouble they are as good as it gets. But that's a big if these days.


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They aren't called the Bungles for nothing. This can only be a desperation signing on their part, I thought we had seen that last of Henry after his last arrest. Anyone want to take a guess on how many games he lasts before he is locked up again?


Sultan of Swat
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One of the reasons why I'm really surprise that they signed him is because he's going to miss the first four games.

Like Millz said Johnson should be out for a while if there going to sign Henry, also T.J is out with a hamstring.

Wasn't there any other wide receivers they could of signed that could play when the season starts, unlike Henry.