Trouble Making Data CD


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Have you tried putting a different CD-R into the drive? Perhaps you have a few bad ones, or they have already been written to and closed?

Sorry but difficult to properly diagnose without knowing more surrounding the conditions of what is going it a new computer, what are you attempting to copy over, is it a new cd you are using, are you sure it is a writable CD or DVD that you are using....what software are you using for the writing, and are you attempting to copy copyrighted material over?

Sorry just a few of the things I would look into off the top of my head


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It looks to me like there's an issue with the CD you're using. Sometimes random errors happen during the writing process (especially if you're using anything moderately RAM-intensive) and the CD will be ruined. If you keep trying to write to that same CD the writing will fail every time.

Try a new CD or brand of CD.


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It could be that the CD you're using is damaged, already used or your burner does not recognize that particular brand CD. Try inserting a new CD or a different brand CD and see how it goes.