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Trouble and Headache


Registered Member
Have you ever played either of these? If you have did the popper in the middle get on your nerves?
They came out in the 60's but do you think you would play these today?


The Rock is cooking atm..
I had a trouble board last year that I bought for 10 bucks, heaps of fun and very easy to follow. Always had the rules confused where if you pass into your home zone, whether or not you had to bounce back out if you rolled more or if you just landed in it regardless? Haven't tried headache though.


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Headache is basically the same as Trouble with the only difference is that you can land on yourself and there are 2 paths to 2 take when going home.


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I didn't even know that Headache existed. Played a lot with Trouble as a kid. One of my favorite board games.