PlayStation 3 Trophies

I know we've had a small discussion on them in one of the other threads, but I felt they needed their own thread.

How many trophies do you have? How important are they to you? Will you hesitate on renting/buying a game based on whether it has trophies or not? Any trophies that really pissed you off? Highest percentage of trophies you've gotten for a single game?

I have become somewhat obsessed with them lately. I've passed up a few games because they didn't have trophies. Haha. I've also spent a lot of time trying to get my percentages up in the games that I do own. I hate to have anything under 10% on my trophy list.

God of War and Heavy Rain are my two highest disc-based trophy percentages. 75% and 55%. As for PSN games, I think 3 On 3 NHL Arcade is in the 60's and Linger in Shadows in the low 70's.

I still need to re-rent both Uncharted's, Arkham Asylum and Infamous to get those higher.

And sadly, I am still without a Platinum trophy. Haha.


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Honestly I didn't even know what they were until my Playstation stopped working and the error messsage mentioned Trophies or something haha. That was just last month and I've had the thing for a year and a half!


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I have gotten into them as well, I wont really hesitate on getting a game if it dosen't have it or not but I do enjoy getting them and I try to get as many as I can. I also check before starting a game what I need to do to get some of them.


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I would like to think that I am not interested in trophies, but there is something about that familiar "ping" and top-corner-message that feels just right. I guess it is kind of like an unread SMS message.

These days I would like to promise myself that I will get through a game's trophies at a time before getting another, but it never happens. =P


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It depends on how much I enjoy a game. Heavy Rain has really pulled out the collecter in me and I finally got them all about an hour ago. Then I see the list for megaman 10 and it almost makes me go fetal.

Konshentz said:
And sadly, I am still without a Platinum trophy. Haha.
Heavy Rain Master - Suck it Kons :cool:

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Uncharted, Arkham Asylum
These two are my highest. I'm confident that I could Platinum the First Uncharted if i took the time to do so. There are certain games out there that I've played that I look at the trophy list and think WTF? No way in hell am I gonna ever platinum that. However Uncharted... I think I'm only about 2 maybe 3 trophies away... I do know its in the 80's.

Arkham Asylum is the same deal. I've got it up in the last 25%, I think its 78? Maybe in the 80's also. The only trophies that I have left to take on that one are the Challenege mode trophies. The ones where you're supposed to win a certain amount of Challenge Badges. Again... if I were to just sit down for a day or two straight, I am very confident I could platinum these two games out.

I've yet to play the Second Uncharted, but from what I gather its just about as easy as the first in terms of Trophies. When I do get time to actually sit down and play it... I'll make sure to actually try my best to get all of 'em.

MAG is turning out to be a game that I think I can get all the trophies in also. I'm currently right at 50% and I know off the top of my head there are at least 2-3 more trophies I can accomplish in that game within the next week or two.

I've also been playing really hard for the Trophies and it does tend to make even the stupidest games pretty darn fun. Pain is one that I just had to give up on, damn those trophies are fuggin next to impossible!!!!!!!


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I am impressed. Did it turn out to be as hard as you thought? How many actual endings were there?
There's 17 altogether, some of which are extremely bleak! Man, it wasn't that hard it was more time consuming. Going back to certain points to alter stuff can get a bit tedious. As much as I loved the game, some of the scenes did not need to be drummed into my subconscious. For example
The Origami Killers mothers sequence. Good god that woman did my head in. "Did you bring my pills" - "NO BITCH" X6


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Most games I have played recently will have a trophy for finishing each mission/level and that helps getting some.