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Troops march on the White House for Ron Paul


Free Spirit
Staff member
RT USA...Ron Paul’s consistently strong anti-war message is one that resonates with many US troops today.
Hundreds of active duty troops, veterans and Paul supporters gathered at the Washington monument this afternoon. After a series of speeches, the group marched to the White house to show their solidarity and support for the Republican Presidential candidate. Read More Here
I think Ron Paul is right about we over react and shouldn't be going into other countries like we do. Mr. Paul seems to have the backing of our troops, it is said they give more to his campaign than they do to other candidates.

I heard about this yesterday but RT is the only place I could find anything on this story. I have to wonder why most media sources have consistently ignored Ron Paul.


Registered Member
He has a lot of good ideas, but he also has a lot of nutty ideas.

I just hope they weren't marching in uniform - they can get in trouble if they were.