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Troopers suspended for high-speed escort


Free Spirit
Staff member
I can believe these troopers put peoples lives in danger like this. They were escorting a caravan of Porsches, Lamborghinis and Ferrari's at high speed weaving in and out of traffic with people trying to get out of their way. Someone could of been hurt or killed because of their recklessness. If there isn't a real emergency drive the speed limit. They should of been suspended without pay. What do you think about cops that do this sort of thing? Do you think these men should lose their jobs?

N.J. troopers suspended for high-speed escort


Registered Member
I definetly think that there should be at least some kind of punishment. They are representatives of the law, however you turn it. They should be a role model for other drivers to stick to the rules. Besides, it's not like these rules don't apply to them. Like you said, if there is no emergency, they should abide the speed limit. Just because they're cops, doesn't mean that they are above the law. There should definetly be consequences for them.


rainbow 11!
Why were they doing this? What was the point? They should have been pulling those cars over, not encouraging them to speed. Especially weaving in and out of traffic where that definitely increases chances of an accident.

The article said one of them was a football player and I can only shake my head. Just because someone has a car like that and/or is a celebrity, doesn't mean they get special treatment or you can bend the law nolens volens. Sure, that doesn't mean you can't bend the law on occasion, but what they did put their lives and the lives of others in danger.