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Story was a joke, graphics rocked.
I'm with fractal and Alt on that...It was a fun movie to watch because of the looks, music, and ambiance. The story, while not the worst ever, was just kind of "there."

I had fun watching it, though. Good flick. Worth a rental!


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This film was awesome but it could have been better. Should've been... 3D was almost unperceivable -2D version would have been as good. The score and atmosphere of the film were beautiful. I was really expecting the matrix in neon 3D but it fell a little short. Still an amazing film but if I'd made it...


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The trailer didn't quite grab me. Usually I like movies like this and I will probably enjoy it once i get round to watching it. I am just confused by this movie because my brother insists I should know what it's about. He says we watched/played it as kids? *shrugs* Nothing looked familiar to me and it just looked a little bit too weird. But I'll watch it eventually.


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Judging from the trailer (the one I found on youtube, not the one up there) it looks like the kind of movie I would enjoy, so i'll be seeing it at some stage. Do I need to check out the first one beforehand, or does this one stand alone?


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My girlfriend hadn't seen the first and she still enjoyed the film so I think it stands alone although you would get more from the film if you've seen the first.


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I actually wanted to see this in theatres.

I had some left over cash after Christmas, so I called up my one buddy who likes to leave the house and asked if he seen it yet and his response was all emo-like, "Yeah. I went to go see it alone. If you kept in contact you could have come too." Because everyone knows I don't have any money or don't go out unless I do, but as usual everything is one-sided and my fault. Ah, the reminders of why I don't have any friends.

So I never did go see it, but look forward to it hitting DVD.


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I saw the first Tron, an old boyfriend brought it over and we watched it on DVD. I didn't care for it. Then the other day I asked him if he saw the new one, and he said yes, but it wasn't as good as the first. His tastes are way different than mine, so I probably won't ever see it.