Movies Trilogy Battle: Lord of the Rings vs. Star Wars (The Original Trilogy)

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The Lord of the Rings Trilogy vs. The Star Wars Trilogy.

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  1. The Lord of the Rings

  2. Star Wars

  1. WesJones87

    WesJones87 RayzorBlade87

    Ok, so it's probably been done on here before, and I'm stealing the idea from Kevin Smith and Clerks II, but which Trilogy do you think was the better one?

    I'm kind of on the fence on this one, because I haven't really watched either triolgy, just caught bits of them. However, Star Wars seems to be more in my direction.

    By the by, if this thread proves popular enough, I'll turn this into a tournament to find the most popular movie trilogy on GF. So get voting! :lol:
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  2. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    This is really hard for me. I can't vote just yet because I'm really not that sure.

    I REALLY love Star Wars, but then again I think Lord of the Rings is one of best made trilogies ever. I absolutely love everything about LOTR.

    Star Wars is amazingly epic though on so many levels. Very tough choice.

    BTW, there are 6 Star Wars movies. ;) Personally I like both SW trilogies equally.
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  3. AnitaKnapp

    AnitaKnapp It's not me, it's you. V.I.P. Lifetime

    Is there going to be a poll?

    Star Wars.
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  4. WesJones87

    WesJones87 RayzorBlade87

    Yeah, there should be a poll there now.

    I know there are 6 movies, but this only concerns epiodes IV, V, and VI.
  5. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    In that case I'm going to go with LOTR for sure. The special effects in the original Star Wars movies are so cheesy and the plot isn't really better than LOTR.
  6. WesJones87

    WesJones87 RayzorBlade87

    Yeah, the bits I have seen look like cheesy special effects, but they were state of the art at the time. Besides, the story of Lord of the Rings never really appealed to me.
  7. AnitaKnapp

    AnitaKnapp It's not me, it's you. V.I.P. Lifetime

    Ditto, I enjoy the Star Wars story so much more than LOTR.
  8. Impact

    Impact Registered Member V.I.P. Lifetime

    Definitely Lord of the Rings. I tried watching the original Star Wars and just couldn't get into them, maybe because i'd seen the newer ones first.
  9. Rebeccaaa

    Rebeccaaa yellow 4!

    I loooove LOTR. I've only ever caught bits of Star Wars, liked it but never watched it through properly. From what I've seen I really can't see myself liking it better than lord of the rings because that's one of my all time favourites.
  10. Merc

    Merc Certified Shitlord V.I.P. Lifetime

    The original Star Wars trilogy, from an objective standpoint, was pretty poorly made and was just decent, nothing more. Excluding the effects and budget of LotR, I think it had a much stronger story and characters, so it wins in my eyes.

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