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Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by Mirage, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Mirage

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    Can you think of any trilogies that you feel got better or at least stayed just as good with each movie?

    The only one I can think of is Lord of the Rings.

    If the third Nolan Batman movie is amazing I will be surprised. Toy Story 3 is coming out soon and I felt 1 and 2 were both great movies. If 3 can pull it off too then I'll also be surprised.

    Personally I don't think trilogies that are afterthoughts have a very good chance of being great. Usually the 1st and maybe 2nd are good and the third almost always loses steam.

    Some examples of trilogies that had a lot going for them but flopped or at least were let downs by the end of the 3rd:

    Matrix (1st was the best by far)
    Pirates of the Caribbean (1st was the best by far)
    Back to the Future (1 & 2 were the best)
    Shrek (1 & 2 were the best)

    And obviously the list can go on and on.

  2. Gavik

    Gavik Registered Member

    Star Wars (original trilogy)
  3. knoxbox

    knoxbox Registered Member

    diehard is a quadrilogy now but i thought it was great, least the first three, the newest one i think was good but they went a bit overboard.
  4. Boredie

    Boredie In need of Entertainment

    Yes that. I was going to mention Star Wars.

    LOTR, not so much imo, I think they all remained on the same level.

    Back to the Future.
  5. knoxbox

    knoxbox Registered Member

    i love back to the future, but i don't think it got better as it progressed... 1 and 2 were amazing 3 was good but not as good as the first too.

    how about, Jurassic park? 1 and 3 were best in my opinion 2 was good. but since 3 brought it back i'd have to say it falls into this category.
  6. Bliss

    Bliss Sally Twit

    I agree with this. The third one was my favourite, then the first, then the second and then the fourth.

    I prefer Look Who's Talking Now to Look Who's Talking and Look Who's Talking Too.

    The Naked Gun trilogy got better and better with each one I watched too. I love them all.
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  7. Boredie

    Boredie In need of Entertainment

    :lol: Funny you should say that, but I didn't mention this trilogy because I wasn't that impressed with number 3.

    Are the Indiana Jones movies considered a trilogy?

    Oh, and X-men. Or are they not a trilogy either?
  8. knoxbox

    knoxbox Registered Member

    die hard with a vengence was probably other than the first one the best out of all 4 lol...

    xmen meh it was okay but i didn't think it got better. maybe origin will pull that off.
    indiana jones would def fall into the category and i'd say it did get better, but the newest one that made it a quadrilogy was SHIT!

    also speeking of quadrilogy fast and the furious i thought go better as it went on...

    my favorite of all was tokyo drift, then 4, then 1 then 2. is the order i like them in.
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  9. Swiftstrike

    Swiftstrike Registered Member

    The Bourne Series I felt got better as they went.
  10. Wade8813

    Wade8813 Registered Member


    It might not be amazing, but at least very good. Nolan is meticulous, and very creative.

    (BTW, welcome back)

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