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There are many users who have accounts in multiple service providers like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL etc. Many people have several IM to reamin online and talk to their different contact. I have got one messenger which allows users chat with contact from different protocols at the same time and the user can also open several accounts at the same time.


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I tried trillian but I just couldn't get used to it. I am using mostly MSN nowadays anyway. :)

Although I usually have all of my IM programs open, including AIM, MSN, Google Talk, and Skype.

I was using Yahoo IM for a while until recently when they integrated with MSN. Now you can add your Yahoo contacts to your MSN contacts and talk to them without having to log into Yahoo, or vice versa. :D


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I tried Trillain for a while, but it was very awkward to use.

I ended up going back to using the new MSN and a small version of AIM called TerrAim.


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I used to use Trillian, though I've always preferred Yahoo for Yahoo... but GAIM (which I use now) errors out if I try to load up MSN messenger contacts, and I can't see how to easily import them into Yahoo. Anyone got a clue on that one?


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Now, I using Gaim. Gaim working in linux. There is Yahoo, MSN, AIm/ICQ, Jabber, Gadu-gadu, etc. One Gaim can be connect two people or more...

And virus free.. I think :D
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I haven't used trillian in ages - only tried it as I grew tired of all the ads in AOL. Now with work I mainly use MSN, can't think of another IM i would have to turn to, so it works out in my case


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Trillian is very useful for those who have multi accounts and multi accounts buddies. It's basically for those people who use many-to-many chat protocols. You can have many yahoo/msn accounts on your name and all those accounts have related buddies. In this case trillian type messengers are very useful.


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Are you able to use more than one IM screen name with Trillian - I've 3 different screen names for MSN and right now I have to have 3 MSN live windows open at once using multi-msn . It might come in handy if you're able to consolidate 3 different screen names into one app