Ms. Malone
What kind of treats do you give your pet/pets? Reagular treats (Biscuits etc) or something unusual?

If the ferret is good he gets a bit of marmite from my finger; it can be a bit strong and it actually made him cringe today XD


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I just give my dogs regular biscuits, well, we call them cookies.. then they get chicken jerky.. then just rawhide bones to chew on.. My dad feeds them enough table scraps as it is. Ugh. I hate it because they beg and it is not always good for them.. My puppy likes ice to play with. But both of my dogs hate grapes...

I only have dogs right now, but my other pets got more interesting snacks. My guinea pig got apples, carrots, kale, pumpkin seeds, timothy hay, and anything else we would just give him to see if he liked them.


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We give my cat these little fish crackers and he loves him. We used to do warm milk, but . . . well, actually I don't know why we stopped.


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The dogs get biscuits and pressed rawhide sticks. One can't handle people food so neither one of them get it.

The cat got her little kitty treats that were crunchy or soft and catnip.