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Treating all men like predators?


Problematic Shitlord
Perhaps this isn't solely a dating forum topic but I think it mostly is. Do you think this country has moved towards a position where men are slowly becoming treated as if they're all sexual predators? I only ask because it's easy for a guy to be perceived as creepy in dating situations these days for even the dumbest things. You could just hold a door for a girl these days and there will be at least one person who is thinking "He just wants her." Not for anything, but not all guys are all about sex. I'm sure people will claim to know this already, but I don't think the benefit of the doubt is given too often.

What do you think?

As a guy, have you ever seen or experienced this?


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I have experienced something like this; I didn't really blame people though for thinking it.

I dated someone who was probably a little too young for my age back a few years and there were rumblings that she needed to watch out for me since I was older I probably only wanted her for sex. She told me her best friend warned her, her parents and a few others did as well. Well, once they all got to know me obviously they all changed their tunes fairly quickly. I thought it was dumb that they'd automatically assume I'm like that but at least they changed their minds eventually.


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Yeah, it's kind of annoying and I've experienced it a few times. Some annoyed me more than others though. For example, there was one time I offered to walk with some girl to the store when it was late. All my friends thought I only wanted to walk with her because I wanted in her pants, it pissed me off because I was just trying to be nice, and I didn't think she should be walking alone.


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I read about a guy who was in court for sending inappropriate letters to a woman. Part of his defense was that he was a 40-odd year old virgin. He was just a really unconfident guy that couldn't approach someone he liked. He was not so good with words either so the letters were like 'I get hard when I see you...'. I felt really sorry for this guy.

I think there is a fine line between men being predatory and just a normal come-on, and quite often that depends on the girl's opinion of you -if she likes you you are flirting if not you are a sleezy pervert.


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I see it per individual not by gender. Certain guys are horndogs and some are gentlemen. Maybe they are obvious at it or some women can sense it. Flirtation takes on all forms. I love chivalry and think it's show kindness and class. Never do I think it's an insult on my "weak" womanness (is that a word?). It's hard to be a non-feminist in this world, but I am, and proud of it.


Not all men are the same and not all of them are predatory 24 hours a day.
I think being a gentleman or complimentary nowadays is misunderstood and seen as this man has "other intentions" with you. I do feel sorry for those who are in that position.