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Travelling Your Own Country


yellow 4!
I love England and I do like living here, but have no desire to explore it any more than I have already. I don't enjoy going to the seaside and it feels like that's where the main tourist-y type things to see here are. And although there's a lot of other things to see and do besides coastal, it just feels more exciting going overseas. I think also the fact that it's a lot more expensive to go abroad (i.e. meaning I can't do it often at all), when I do it feels more, I don't know, anticipated? I can jump on a train and go anywhere in England tomorrow if I really wanted to, so it doesn't seem as fun. Probably not a mindset that makes much sense. Grass is always greener...


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I'd love to visit New Zealand.

Living in the U.S. there is quite a bit of the country left that I have never seen. I have been to some really cool places around here such as Washington D.C., Yellowstone, and my home state of Colorado. I'd like to go West to California, Oregon, and Washington though.

Germany is another country that I'd be really interested to see.


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I explore England and Scotland, can’t have enough. Seeing Ben Nevis was quite an experience, and the Highlands, felt like in the clouds, literally. Caves are always interesting, and distilleries :D


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One of the neat aspects of traveling in my own nation, the U.S., is that I don't have to worry about getting passports or buying plane tickets. Instead, I just get into my car and go.