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iggyshotthebear said:
MSY = New Orleans International Airport (Departure)

MCO = Orlando International Airport (Possible Arrival)

TLH = Tallahassee Regional Airport (Possible Arrival)

Checkin out the airtran site now.. Thanks :)
Where are you coming to visit? I'm in Longwood...just curious! Hey, maybe I can hook you up with some chips when you're down here (Hee, Hee). Did you find anything out on Airtran?


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Pending dates are May 25th - June 25... Just a week away :worried:
Airtran has some decent prices... still a matter of cash flow :)

Between my Curse of Cars auction (no bids) and the advertising with my family (no bids as of yet), I thought for sure I'd have enough.


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All over Florida actually :) My parents live in Tallahassee/Havana area, my brother lives in Gainesville, My inlaws are in Okeechobee (1.5 hours south of THE MOUSE), my bro-in-law and his wife are in Orlando, and Ive got some friends over in West Palm area as well as Tampa. My other bro-in-law lives in Bradenton now I believe, Im sure he wants to see his niece and nephew too.

Oh and my dear friend Maddii... she's near Lake Mary. East of Orlando.

Sorry I had misread the first time... its early ... coffee jsut kickin in now lol


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Oh cool! I'm in Longwood (between Lake Mary & Orlando), course you probably already know where Longwood is! When you do get the fund$ to come down, I'll have to give you my number if you want to stop in on your travels (I'll even make sure I have chips for you & the kiddies!)


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#16,,, the airlines themselves (same with car rentals check them all. Hotels not so much but occasionally vary)

I've only done priceline once and lucked out with times/connections etc. Afraid to try it again :) (their regular priced stuff, not the surprise, whenever I looked was always really high)! Check on a reg travel site and see what the flights are going for......REALLY low ball the can always go up like 10 bucks here and there until they hit. Don't let them tell you that you're bidding too low. It never hurts to try!

Also sometimes Tampa is cheaper than Orlando (not sure where your final destination is)

Some I haven't tried yet but heard about:

Bottom line is shop around. It will take hours :) But usually worth it. I've found my best deals lately at Orbitz....especially if you have more than one airport you are willing to fly out of (or into) It's amazing how much cheaper you can get tkts if you are much more flexable.

As for kids flying. Yup under 2 you can sit them on your lap (but it's really not safe nor do the people in front of you appreciate it :))! but under 3 some airlines will offer 1/2 price if you buy a seat.

Any ? feel free to ask (travel agent before doing the Mom thingy) We got home last night and I'm already working on the next one :) I'm such a travel slut :D

Ohhhh just re-read your origional post......if flying less than 2 weeks out you may find that prices are MUCH higher! Usually the deals are 14-21 days in advance. If you can wait to go a little while you may find prices a whole lot cheaper! (also a Sat night stay really helps although some airlines have relaxed that a bit)