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TRAVELING SHOES are baaaaack!!


Wanna play?
TGirl said:
just to let you know right now...you aint winning..and I am only telling you this because I care about you and I don't want you to be to terribly disapointed when the time comes.......and not to say I will win either, because I can only bid up to a thousand Dollars...hahahhahaha J/K
Oh good, I thought you would bid waaaaaaaaaaaayyyy higher than that, so I still have a chance then! :D

BTW I really appreciate your concern for my feelings, but my therapist is always on standby, for this very reason! :)


Registered Member
hahahahah BAhahahahahah STOP GOING!!!!! Uggggggggggggggggg Therapy Is not the answer...running and listening to good music........hahahahahah but don't use my traveling shoes to run in...............

ARES did you feature this Item????? Just curious!!

Nebber mind I see you did!!!
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Wanna play?
Well since they're only a size 6, I won't be able to where MY shoes! :lol:

I told my therapist what you said, she said for you to give her a call! :)


Registered Member
hahahahahaha noooooooooo I ain't layin on no couch...all I will find out is things like...i hate my hubby.....I need drugs.....Get rid of the kids.....naaaaaaaaaaaa

I love my stressed out life...who cares if I feel 55 years old!!!


Registered Member
You gals just crack my a$$ up sideways!! I can't believe you aren't both in a loony bin somewhere!


what? no pink?
1_ares_1 said:
You gals just crack my a$$ up sideways!! I can't believe you aren't both in a loony bin somewhere!

*blinks* ohh my *pats you on the back* Its ok Its hard to accept that you ARE in a looney bin. But its okey we are here to help when the realization hits you! :p


Registered Member
I feel like I am in a looney bin! ( or need to be in one ) :)
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