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Traveling home for Christmas


aka ginger warlock
I am currently keeping an eye on the news and indeed the weather as on Tuesday afternoon I will be traveling back up to my parents home for Christmas for a few days. Now it is true that quite often we brits complain about the weather when in reality we don't know we're born, we don't get heavy snow, we don't get typhoons, we don't get hurricanes etc but we do seem to go onto high alert when bad weather hits or is threatening to hit.

I have just been watching a TV report about London Euston railway station basically saying that tomorrow morning will be okay but come midday all hell could break loose and that with a combination of people traveling home and people like me who are commuting to get to work as tomorrow for most people is just another work day could cause problems and delays etc.

I am not worried as such, from all accounts things are fine and no warnings are being announced but I am keeping an eye out.

Do you have any plans to travel either today or over the next few days? Have you any reason to believe there may be problems with your journey?
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