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Travel to Canada


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I was wondering what a car of four-five people would need for an overnight trip to Canada? I don't plan on gonig myself, but some family members do and they were curious. The government websites were cryptic, and I can tell they were for international travel in general. I was told some years ago that you don't need a passport to travel to Canada.


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I know that the last time (ok, only time) I was to Canada, you did not need passports. I do not know what the rules are now. When I went all you needed was a drivers license unless you were not old enough to have one.

But I do not know where you could go to find that out. You might want to try looking in the federal section of the phone book and see if they have a number in there you can call about passports and visas and see if they have any information about Canada.
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I'm in MI and travel to Canada at least 4x a year, mainly to Sarnia for my daughters judo competitions. I've never had to produce a passport for the border crossing, BUT I have been asked for my birth cert., as well as all the passengers.
Also, and this is very important, if you get pulled over while in Canada, you need to have a Canadian proof of insurance for your auto, tell your family to call their insurance company before leaving and have one faxed over.


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Wasn't there something since the latest round of bombing attempts (where they took away my soda on planes)! that you now needed something else to drive to Canada? For some reason it sticks in my head. Yup I'd check out the government sights. The one to check escapes me at the moment (of course) Or call a local travel agent! They should be up on all the new rules if they are any good. :nod: