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Where should we go this summer (See OP)?

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Hell, It's about time!
I need some help here... we generally drive to Maine each summer and stay with my folks in a cabin on the lake. They have a timeshare on it, so they get it 2 weeks out of the year. This year we have choices to make, and we can really only take one trip.

We can go to Maine like normal... It gets monotonous after a while though. I do like it, but I want to travel somewhere else too. We can go to Florida and take the kids to Disney World... but my son is too young to enjoy it right now. We're afraid if we wait our daughter will be "out" of the Disney princess thing she's in right now. We can go to Arizona to see family in Tucson and not have to pay for lodging, but I'm not sure if it'll be easy to fly with two kids, and lastly we can go see my mother in Northern Cali, and same as above, I'm not sure if it'll be easy to fly with them.


Hell, It's about time!
Lawl :lol: I'm still thinking I may hold off on Cali for when the kids are a little older. We can take them to Lake Shasta. I remember countless summers on that lake :) Right now my son hates water. If it's below 80 degrees, he wants nothing to do with it.... My daughter on the other hand was shivering in the 50 degree water in Maine saying "iiittt'sss fiinnneee" :lol:

I really am in a pickle here...
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It really depends on what types of things you want to do. Are you just going to see family or do you want to see and do other things? If you're going to do other things I would probably rule out Tucson. It will be dreadfully hot there during the summer (well over 110 degrees) and there isn't a whole lot to do there. It's really just a college town with a few nice golf courses.

With Maine you know what to expect. I'd love to get up there myself one of these days, but I'm sure you'd like to do something new.

Disney World is a great vacation with kids, but you have to decide whether it's worth taking your youngest child there if he's too young to enjoy it.

Northern Cal has a lot to do, especially if you're into the outdoors. Probably great weather there as well.