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So, as some of you may know, I've spent the last month and a half in Japan in Japanese classes. For the next two weeks or so, I'll be travelling around Japan, first to 京都 (Kyoto), then around to various places, ending up in 東京 (Tokyo) a few days before my plane leaves.

My question is this: what are the places in Kyoto, Tokyo, and Japan in general that I *must* visit? My limitations: (1) They can't cost *too* much money, I'm on a pretty struct budget, (2) I have to be able to get to a 漫画喫茶 (manga kissa, internet cafe) or a cheap hostel to spend the night (unless I ride an overnight train, then that will do), (3) distance/train fare is absolutely no object, because I have a JR rail pass (though I can't ride the Nozomi, the fastest class of Shinkansen, with this) (4) I have a reasonable command of the Japanese language, so even though I might get confused about what people are saying sometimes, I'm not intimidated by having to speak in Japanese, so places that don't specifically cater to English-speaking tourists are okay.

Thanks in advance for any advice people choose to give me.

Edit: I'm going to post my current itinerary, and update it as I add things, both to log my plans, and to give people an idea of where I'll be when, in case it gives them an idea for somewhere I should go, or if someone happens to know that I should spend more time in a specific place, or visit places in a different order, etc. (I'm writing my itinerary primarily in Japanese, because that will make it easier for me to find places, and if I have to ask for help, having everything written in Japanese will be rather convenient. I'll translate into English here.)
  • 7月24日 (土) Saturday, July 24

    [*]7月25日 (日) Sunday, July 25

    [*]7月26日 (月) Monday, July 26
    9時40分に金沢から出て、14時に京都に着く (バスで)
    Leave from Kanazawa at 9:40, arrive in Kyoto at 14:00 (by bus)

    Sleep in an internet cafe in Kyoto

    [*]7月27日 (火) Tuesday, July 27
    Spend the day in Kyoto

    Sleep in an internet cafe in Kyoto

    [*]7月28日 (水) Wednesday, July 28
    朝京都から出て、奈良に着く (電車で)
    Leave from Kyoto in the morning, arrive in Nara (by train)

    Spend the day in Nara

    夜奈良から出て、大阪に着く (電車で)
    Leave from Nara in the evening, arrive in Osaka (by train)

    Sleep in an internet cafe in Osaka

    [*]7月29日 (木) Thursday, July 29
    Spend the day in Osaka

    Sleep in an internet cafe in Osaka

    [*]7月30日 (金) Friday, July 30
    朝大阪から出て、広島に着く (電車で)
    Leave from Osaka in the morning, and arrive in Hiroshima (by train)

    Spend the day in Hiroshima and Miyajima

    Sleep in an internet cafe in Hiroshima

    [*]7月31日 (土) Saturday, July 31
    朝広島から出て、金沢まで着く (電車で)
    Leave from Hiroshima in the morning, and arrive in Kanawawa (by train)

    Spend the day with friends in Kanazawa

    深夜金沢から出て、朝日光に着く (電車で)
    Leave from Kanazawa late at night, and arrive in Nikko in the morning (by train)

    Sleep on the train

    [*]8月1日  (日) Sunday, August 1
    Spend the day in Nikko

    夜日光から出て、朝札幌につく (電車で)
    Leave from Nikko in the evening, arrive in Sapporo in the morning (by train)

    Sleep on the train

    [*]8月2日  (月) Monday, August 2
    Spend the day in Sapporo

    深夜札幌から出て、朝東京に着く (電車で)
    Leave from Sapporo late at night, and arrive in Tokyo in the morning (by train)

    Sleep on the train

    [*]8月3日  (火) Tuesday, August 3
    Spend the day in Tokyo

    [*]8月4日  (水) Wednesday, August 4
    Spend the day in Tokyo

    [*]8月5日  (木) Thursday, August 5
    Return to America 
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The Sapporo Beer Museum, located next to that city's namesake brewery and bier garten, is a place I'd want to visit. There you can see exhibits chronicling the history of beermaking in Japan. Not a bad bit of trivia to have under your belt for those infamous Tokyo after-work parties!


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I've just finished up my tentative itinerary, which includes a visit to Sapporo (thanks Tucker), and a return to Kanazawa to see my friends, which will also give me a chance to buy some omiyage (presents) for them in the various towns I'll be visiting.

Let me know if you see anything I should change, or you know of anything specific in these cities that I need to visit.


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Sounds awesome, Greg. I'll have to admit to a little bit of envy now, haha. I'm glad that you liked my suggestion, because it was really the only one I had. Looking forward to hearing about the trip!


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For those of you who haven't seen, I've updated my original post to reflect my complete itinerary.

I am now officially homeless in Japan. I've turned in my apartment key, and it's manga cafes and overnight trains from here on out. I've also heard a rumor that sento (bath houses) sometimes have cheap places to sleep overnight; does anyone know anything about this?

I went to Kanazawa Eki (station) today and got my rail pass and the English version of the JR guide and time charts. Tonight's project is going over those and figuring out tentative times for the trains I'll need.

I'll post updates (and mabe even some pictures) when I can.


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I'm jealous T.T

If i was you i'd be going to some of the temples :lol:

I was just looking up festivals, but the only one i your schedule is Obon, the festival of the dead. But it all depends if you're in the right region, some places celebrate it in July and others August. It's another personal one that i'd go to :lol: it just looks so interesting.

Have fun while you're there.


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I did end up visiting plenty of temples in Kyoto, Nara and elsewhere. My trip has been a blast. I ended up catching 2 festivals that i didn't know were going on: there happened to be a giant, amazing fireworks festival in Kanazawa the day I went back, and in Sapporo, there was a huge beer festival, with 6 beer gardens set up in the central park.

I'm now in Tokyo, relaxing. I'm going to go see the skyline and hopefully Mount Fuji from an observation deck near here, then pack up since I head home tomorrow.
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