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Travel Deals or Not?


Free Spirit
Staff member
When going on vacation in the past I have never checked out deals on accommodations. The big reason for that was the place/scenery is what attracted us to that area plus we often camped so we never really knew where we would be for sure from one day to the next. Under those conditions reservations might be a mistake so when we got tired of camping, or the smell of each other ha ha, then we would find a hotel.

If I were wanting to stay in a resort or a hotel more than one night at a time I think then I would start looking for discounts. Might even decide where to vacation if it was a good enough deal, was a nice place and other things in the area of interest. If I had no interest in the area no deal is going to get me there.

I was wondering about you. Do you try to find deals or just go for it? Have you ever decided on a destination because of discounts?


I'm serious
I wouldn't base my decision on where to travel to on where there are travel deals. So if I saw a fantastic deal for a trip to India, I am not going, no matter how good the deal. However, if I decide on a destination to travel to, I would look around for travel deals at hotels.

I am a travel agent though, so I guess that's just what I do. Also, a lot of hotel chains offer agent specials, so I really look around to see which hotel chain will offer me the best rate. I tend to stick to certain names when I travel though, just because I trust that these hotels would be up to the standard I am looking for.