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Transition from the fourth to fifth world


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Here is an interesting article I found when researching Thunder Beings. It talks about Native American and Mayan (as well as other civilization's) predictions for the future, with an emphasis on extraterrestrial contact.
Mayan Majix - Articles - Transition from Fourth To Fifth World: The "Thunder Beings" Return

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]The Hopi, Sioux and other tribal traditions hold that at this point in history, we are about to transition from the current pattern of civilization to a radically-different way of living. This change is so profound that it is called the passage from the Fourth (current) World to the Fifth World! By "world", the native traditions refer to a slow gradual rise of the human population to a period of widely-shared cultural and technological high civilization. The implications of these indigenous teachings are staggering. For this means that we humans have gone through three previous Worlds, in which our ancestors rose to a peak of civilized living, only to crash back to a primitive level. [/FONT]


Eye see what you did ther
I think the article is preposterous. This is the kind of information that one might expect from a Shaman, or a drug trip report. Extra terrestrials, and awakening of the female consciousness?


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Considering that I'm a shamanic practitioner, I don't find it preposterous at all.


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No offense taken.
I'm not saying that everything in that article is what I believe, but I DO feel that our world is in a state of transition. A lot of energy is being displaced, both physically (such as the recent earthquakes, tsunamis, and insane weather we're experiencing in the USA) and mentally/emotionally (for example, the unrest in the middle east and the protests in Wisconsin).
There are a myriad of predictions, but since I'm trying to learn more about my native american heritage, I thought I'd share the applicable article.