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Transformers: War for Cybertron


Son of Liberty
I was skipping through some Webcomics when I saw this trailer. It looks flat out sick, especially for those Transformer Fans!

YouTube - Transformers: War for Cybertron - First Official Debut Teaser | HD

Countdown to Transmission

Now, it's waaaaay to early for me to go getting my hopes up about this, but the very idea is enough to plant a seed of wishful thinking in the deep corners of my brain. After experience Batman: Arkham Asylum, it was made clear that franchises that deserve a good video game can get a good video game, if placed in the right hands.

Are these the right hands for a Transformers game? Time (and more trailers) will tell, but right off the bat I'm excited about the setting. No meddling emo humans to be found. Pure robot carnage. Bring it on.


Formerly "Maikeru"
Honestly i believe games and movies shouldn't mix with video games.

Batman AA was decent, but i really didn't enjoyed the game's combat simplicity and the enemy's AI, still, perhaps the only Movie to game adaptation that went right.

You mix Transofrmers and Videogames you get Gundam xD


Son of Liberty
but was Arkham Asylum really a movie adaption?

or was it just a Comic to Game Adaption? Its the same thing for Transformers here, its Toy Line to Game Adaption... the Movie versions of this have already been made... this is its own thing. I believe there is a possibility for promise. But then again... its still a ways out, we'll just have to see ;)