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    Well they've dropped the "2" from the title of the Transformers live action sequel. I don't think much of the title, I always find it a bit cheesey when a sequel has the word "revenge" in its title these days. Now apparantly theres two ways this title can be interpreted. The first and most believable is that Megatron is going to find some way to come back, maybe as Galvatron or something. I came across the second when reading an article in Empire. Apparantly theres a minor character from the comics called "The Fallen" who does actually seek revenge at one point for being banished into a different dimension or something. I think he had some connection to Unicron.
    Theres also rumours that Autobots will be teaming up with Decepticons to battle a greater foe, so again this could be a reference to Unicron. If this is true then maybe it will folow a plot close to the one of the animated movie. Ofcourse this is all speculation and I still think its more likely that the title is referring to Megatron.

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    It's Michael Bay; cheesy is at the top of his resume.

    Besides with a movie about something like Transformers directed by Michael Bay were you expecting anything less than "awesome"?

    The first one was a blast in theaters and it's good movie to watch with friends. Shia LeBoeuf has signed on for the second and a third one too so we'll be seeing more from him as well.
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    Transformers was a groundbreaking, awe-inspiring masterpiece of a movie that did the series justice and made many a grown man a child again. It is currently one of the top 20 highest grossing films in history and for good reasons.

    Now, I challenge you to find the part of that passage that constitutes a sequel that will, as we all know, never live up to the first one and be looked down upon by anyone unfortunate enough to hand over their cash to watch this obvious milking of a cash cow. Wow, that was all one sentence.

    I will not pay to see it, I will watch it, but I'll be damned if I waste my money on a project like this.

    All Time Top 1000 Grossing Films (US) - MovieWeb

    Transformers is #19.
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    I didn't think Michael Bay was going to be involved in the sequel.

    There's at least 3 Decepticons that weren't destroyed. Starscream (seen flying away at the end), Barracade (who disappeared right as the final battle started) and Scorponok (who wasn't seen after having his tail blown off). So, the title could be referring to them, those that got destroyed, or some other greater enemy. Since the Allspark was destroyed, what is there really to fight for, other than revenge?
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    Well I wouldn't say the first one was that amazing to be honest. I thought the visuals were great and shia was good but I thought the story was appauling. Also I didn't like the way some of the Transformers were given more human looking faces. I hated it when Optimus' mouth plate would reveal a silly human looking mouth. I will still see the sequel though, hopefully it can offer some more cheap thrills and awe inspiring visuals.
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    Found this on a site (whole plot):

    Most notable is that the action apparently revolved around a 'splinter', a left over piece of the Allspark Cube, which apparently gives Sam (Shia LaBeouf) strange powers when he comes into contact with it.

    One such scene involves Rainn Wilson's cameo as Sam's professor. Sam walks into class, reads an entire book in five second flat, and goes on to explain to the teacher which elements are wrong.
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    Sounds shitty, gotta' be honest.

    I have a feeling it's going to be a lot more story driven rather than action, or they'll rehash the first movie. All in all, I'm still not supporting it.
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    The first transformers was one of the best movies that i have seen. I expect the second one to be even better plus theres megan fox haha
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    Have you ever seen a sequel?
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    This is gonna be one hell of a movie when it comes out.
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