Movies Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Super Bowl Trailer

Wow, that actually looks really impressive. (Visually) We'll see how the story line plays out, but the teaser itself looks really interesting! I know I'll prolly go see the movie when it comes out.


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I actually know where a scene of this movie was shot. No way I'm going to miss this. I also really liked the first one, I thought it had just the right balance of action, storyline, and levity.


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It looks impressive but then again so did the first movie when we saw the first trailers. More robots and less humans this time around please.


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It took me a second to realize that the name of the film is "Revenge of the Fallen" not "Revenge of the fallen super bowl trailer."

Looks like a good movie. Shame that the got Shia Lebouf to do the second one, though.


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That looks really good, it's very short, but quite entertaining I must say. I am definitely going to see it when it comes out.

Side Note: Megan Fox is extremely hot.


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Oh hell yeah! I can't wait to see the next transformers movie. From the clips I have seen it looks like they are going to introduce us to Soundwave and Ravage.

I will be there on opening day you can count on that!