Transformer Prices are on the rise again


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi and welcome all you Transformer fans.

There is a returning trend on the horizon..As most of you know most of the good Transformers have been reissued or have been made into knock offs by other companies.

Well the prices of All of them are on the rise again and they are jumping by leaps and bounds.

I have seen the G1's climb higher and higher in the last few months, this is mainly due to the reissues and Knock offs.

There many good transformers starting to pop up as well as some really good fakes and Custom too.

Most of the the ones starting to pop up on ebay are selling for massive cash no mater what condition they are in.
And then there is the first runs (Not G1) the first runs are called Diaclone and are the most rare. If you have a chance to get one at a good price JUMP on it!
Those are going to be worth the most..But watch out for fakes..

Now some of you are asking yourself Surfer how can you spot a fake and how do you know if all the parts are there and what is the Transformers name?

Well this has been a closely guarded secret for years now but I feel like sharing with you my fellow Transformers fan. There several sites up that cover Transformers G1 and G2 but only one that covers it all.
Transformers, Diaclone, G1 and G2 plus all current Transformers made.

Now write this site down cause I will be removing it after 30 days.
Soundwaves Oblivion: Transformer Toy Archive

Here you will find everything you ever needed to know...

There many good deals to be had on the Net or at the Dirt Malls and don't forget to look at rummage sales..
Most people don't want to fiddle with the prices so they just sell them for 5 bucks or lower.

Now don't be afraid to buy broken ones cause you can strip them and sell off the parts. Parts make mad cash!

Now just don't run out and buy tons of them thinking that you will make the money right away. Cause now the work begins..
You will need to clean them as well as take good pics of them and find all the information on the Transformer as you can.

Then you get to sell them...But remember if you want the big bucks then you will have to do some work.
Make the toy look as good as you can.

For information on how to clean and care for your Transformers Click the link and read the guide.

Then on to selling you Transformer...Make your auction stand out above all the rest. Use images and Youtube videos and cool fonts to help you accomplish your task.

Now just sit back and let your auction run it's course..

Now as to a price guide...I can't possibly post all the prices .
So if you can't find the price go to eBay and look up the transformer and see what one sold for and cut the price in half and there is your starting price or you can go lower on your starting price to get more bidders to fight for it.

The more people who see your auction the more they will bid..So make it pop and stand above the rest.

Just keep an eye out and you will be able to acquire the Transformers you need for your collection as well as make some cash in the process.


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They are going up like gas prices. :D Thanks for sharing the tips. I grew up watching the cartoon and I'm sure I have some transformer toys hiding in the attic. I just have to go dig them out some day.