Training at home.


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Having just started to get myself back in shape I popped into the gym i joined in October but never used,unfortunately they have closed for six weeks for re refurbishment and are directing users to there other gym.

This is where i have the problem,there other premisses is way to far out to get to,around an hour and a half by bus each way.

Is it worth investing in a set of weights for home use,is it a viable option to weight train at home?

Any advice would be helpful.


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I'd say yes invest in them.

One thing you can use them when you like, Having them at home you won't need to wait for the gym to open to use them. If you have them in sight too it might keep you motivated in using them.


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I use weights at home and I regularly punish my arms with lifting sessions.

I'd say yes, invest in some home training equipment.

Good luck and more importantly, enjoy it!!


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I have found most affordable home gyms to be crap, so I wouldn't recommend that. Free weights and a bench would be ideal. You can do just about any muscle group with free weights.


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Yeah I was thinking along the route of free weights and a bench,just been looking around and can pick up a basic set of weights up to 50kg for £40 and apparently my brother has a bench n the garage i can have.

I will have a long think about this.


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Well if you do decide you wanna work out at home, make sure you're going to keep on that schedule, even like once a week is fine. There's no reason to get equiptment only to let it collect dust in a room.



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You could always just keep up with your cardio. Won't cost you money and it goes a long way in burning fat, but if your just looking to tone as fast as possible buy some weights.


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I have picked up a set already,and have set a goal to use them twice a week as a starting point on top of what I am already doing.

I work out on a heavy bag every day for at least half an hour,3 minute's on 1 off,and have changed my diet to shed the excess weight and have been doing this since the new year,I have also started to incorporate a skipping routine,just going back to boxing basics
So I think the use of the weights twice a week is a good starting point that I can keep up with.


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I'd bought a standard Bench Press with an Olympic standard bar from a friend when he moved. It was one of those things where he hardly used it and then during his move (as usual I ended up helping) I asked if he wanted to sell it. So I cut a bargain off a standard set of weights and a Bench.

Back in high school thats pretty much all I ever really used, most of the students would get on those big machines with the pulleys and the chords and I'd just hop on the Marine Press or the Bench.

I love it to be honest, its simple and works everything I really ever cared to work. And like Anita said... with free weights you can work just about any muscle you need. With slight compensation and a half decent grip the weights that would normally be used on the bar work wonders in Butterflies, crunches, or just about any thing else you cant use the bar in!


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I have the bar and dumbbells and will be picking up a bench from my brother at the weekend.
I have only really used free weights rather than the machine's with all the pulley's and stuff on them,and I agree they are they are great for working individual muscle groups.