Train collisions in italy

At least six people were killed and 40 injured when two train carriages carrying gas exploded in northern Italy, Ansa news agency reports.

The incident happened in the coastal town of Viareggio.

The explosion came as the train was approaching the station, and flames spread to a neighbouring street.

It is unclear whether the train derailed before or after the blast. Five of the victims died when their house collapsed, police said.

The carriages jumped from the tracks and crashed into several homes, setting fire to a vast area, police said.

Emergency crews were searching the rubble of other buildings in case people were inside, Ansa said.

The sixth victim was riding a scooter along the rail line at the time, police spokesman Raffaele Gargiulo told the Associated Press news agency.

The explosion happened shortly before midnight local time (2300 BST) as the 14-carriage train headed to Pisa.

Mr Gargiulo said the incident may have been caused by damage to the tracks or a problem with the train’s braking system, AP reports.
Source: Batavia daily news
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What worsened the casualty case is that these aren't just regular trains but ones transporting LPG and the accident happened along the town center.