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    Well, here it is. I had meant to make this thread a long time ago, and as of recently my CRAVINGS for the trailer music have returned.

    What is trailer music? Well movie & game trailers, of course. This is mostly for fans of soundtracks, and let's face it, soundtracks are amongst the best music ever. EVER.

    That being said, here are some examples from some of my favourites. Now, bear in mind that not all trailer music has a place in an actual trailer.

    Two Steps From Hell, with a song from the ME2 launcher:

    YouTube - Two Steps from Hell - Heart of Courage

    X-Ray Dog

    YouTube - X Ray Dog - Night Hounds - Final Hour

    Immediate Music

    YouTube - Immediate Music - Apocalypse


    YouTube - Audiomachine - House of Cards

    Some other noteworthy mentions being Brand X Music, E.S Posthumus, Future World Music

    So if you've any favourites from a particular trailer. Discover and post!

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