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Tragically Hip


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Not sure many people here at GF know who this band is since they're Canadian, but they're pretty well known around North America.

I'm curious to know if anyone here at GF enjoy them? At first I didn't like them at all, but after exploring more of their stuff I really started to enjoy them. Gordon Downie who is the lead vocals and guitar is simply amazing. He has a really great voice in my opinion.

Here are some songs that I really enjoy from them.

YouTube - ‪the tragically hip - fiddlers green‬‏

YouTube - ‪The Tragically Hip - Ahead By A Century‬‏

YouTube - ‪New Orleans Is Sinking - Up to Here - The Tragically Hip‬‏

YouTube - ‪The Tragically Hip - Courage (For Hugh MacLennan)‬‏



Registered Member
They're one of my favorite bands. Seen them live about a dozen times, although not recently. Their 'Another Roadside Attraction' concerts were some of the best shows I've ever been to. It's too bad they haven't really made a name for themselves outside of Canada, so much better then a lot of the Canadian bands that have made it big in the US.


I ♥ Haters
I’ve tried multiple times to get into the Tragically Hip, but I just can’t. Frankly, I find them awful. I guess it just depends on your taste. To each their own.


Well-Known Member
Ok, the song on the first link was just horrible, sorry but that was way off pitch for my ears >.<. But the others weren't actually that bad, I can't see myself getting too into their band, but they do have a couple of good songs on their list. So I'm pretty much middle of the road with this group.