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Tragic Bachelorette Party Prank


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A friend of a Rachelle Friedman, a bride-to-be, pushed her into a pool as a prank during Rachelle's bachelorette party. She landed on her head and hasn't been able to move or feel anything below her collarbone and C6 vertebrae since.

Bride-to-be moves on after tragic prank - Yahoo! News

If this happened to you, would you be able to forgive your friend as Rachelle was able to do?

If this happened to your fiancé, would you still get married?


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I saw this story on the news~
The young lady in the wheelchair, is one strong loyal friend.
Yes, I would be able to forgive my friend if this happened to me...it was a terrible accident, not intentional...and forgiving is very important in order to move onward~
And yes, I would still marry my fiance if this happened to him.
The accident doesn't change who you are....just changes a few things you may not be able to do in your life, but you can share laughter and love and some great times~
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Assuming I was a girl, and was about to get married..... :shifteyes:

Yes, I would forgive them since it was an accident. If it happened to the person I was about to marry it wouldn't change anything.


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Yeah, I read this story today and it seemed very sad at first. Suppose to be having the time of her life and BAM tragedy strikes literally. But it is very good story with a good ending. Good for her fiance sticking by her, you can tell he really loves her.

But to answer the question, I would hope when I get married, that I am going to love her unconditionally and I would hope she feels the same way. If something happened to her and she got paralyzed or what ever I would stand by her side and would never leave her.

Now if this happened to me, it really depends on the relationship that me and my friend would have. If it was an acquaintance or just a 'so called' friend, then no I would not forgive them. But if it was one of my true friends, I would forgive them based on there actions after the accident.
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That's a tough one. Sure, you'd like to think you'd forgive your friend - but she just cost you the ability to walk. That is going to take some time and honestly, I may never fully get over it.

And if I somehow managed to find a girl I was actually willing to marry... I'd stay with her, because that is some truly rare shit right there. Haha.


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Oh how heartbreaking, I bet the poor friend just feels awful!

I'd be upset for sure, but everyone around her seems so supportive and loving that maybe if I had the same type of support I'd be as forgiving.

After all being twisted would only have pushed everyone away.


This is the most shocking story I've heard recently. It's so sad!!! And to be honest with you, just like Kons said, I'm not sure If I'd get over it easily. Yeah she didn't do it on purpose but forgiving her wouldn't change anything. [neither would not forgiving her , though].
I don't know what I'd do but I wouldn't let her get away with it.
It would take me a lot to forgive her.

p.s. just like general said, it would depend on how she acted after the accident.


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I like this saying:
Remember to forgive and forget.
If you can't forget,
then remember to forgive,
every time you remember~

One of my best quality traits (might say one of my worst) is my ability to forgive people.
I have been treated very badly in my life.
Been cheated on by husbands.
Nearly lost a child because of someone else's stupidity.
And as a child, well, my SF abused me badly.
But I have forgiven them all......I had to....in order for me to live my life, not being filled with hate, I forgive~
It's not always easy......but looking back, it's some of the smartest moves I've made.
And the abuse from my Dad was so bad, his own brother told me he doesn't know how I could shed a tear over him when he died.
But I did, and still do...he was the only Dad I knew.
But.....I can forgive so easily..that doesn't mean if you crap my way a second time I will continue to be a part of your life or be friends with you, but forgiving someone the first time, is not a hard thing for me to do~
And it's quite obvious in this case, this other girl did not intentionally set out to harm her friend...it was a terrible accident.
Why makes matters worse...by holding a grudge against someone or hating them??
It's not good for anyone....I think the young lady who is now in a wheelchair is a remarkable person :)


I'm serious
If this happened to you, would you be able to forgive your friend as Rachelle was able to do?
I would like to think I will be able to forgive. Definitely in time I would forgive, but it will take time to accept what happened and maybe when I realise that life can still go on, I will learn to forgive.

If this happened to your fiancé, would you still get married?
Without a doubt.


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I remember one time when I was younger and me and my friends were playing a game, I pulled a joke and that resulted in a broken arm for one of my friends. She forgave me straight away, she kept my name out of it, lied to the doctor about what happened because she thought I would get in trouble. We were only kids, and she knew it was an accident. When something like that happens, although not as serious as this one, I just know how awful it feels, and how awful that girl must be feeling.

Because of that, and because it's just in my nature, I know that I would forgive my best friend if that happened. Accidents happen. And she didn't rob the bride to be of her ability to walk.

And yes, I would still marry my fiance. As someone else mentioned, it's rare to find somebody these days that you truly want to marry. I wouldn't be giving that up. Can you imagine if the one you loved walked away if the situation was reversed?
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