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Traffic Tickets


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Has anyone gotten any traffic tickets??
Of any kind....
For speeding??...or tailgating??....tail lights being out??....turn signals not working??......how about music too loud??.....or maybe your windows are tinted too dark?? (hey, it happens here)......maybe a ticket for running a red light??.....or too loud of a muffler??....passing in a no pass zone??
Anyway, I know I have already shared that I have gotten speeding tickets in the past, but I know I'm not the only one who isn't the best driver on the road~


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I only get parking tickets, that's it. I've gotten about 3 alone in September. They aren't too bad since I can get them disputed over the phone. I've been pulled over by the RCMP a few times, but its never resulted in a ticket or anything. A warning or two, so that's about it.


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About a week ago I got my very first parking ticket lol. Apart from that I've never had any other traffic tickets and I don't really want to get any more.


Living on the 0th floor

I have had 2 speeding tickets, one for going through a curve too fast.. I just drive how my car handles the road LOL.

I also had a following too close ticket when I was rear-ended causing me to rearend the person in front of me. Which was lame since I stopped and then got pushed into the person in front of me. That was my first ticket, and the cop told me that he HAD to give me a ticket to.. Then that happened to my mom a few years later and she didn't get ticketed >.>


rainbow 11!
i have been pulled over like five times for a break light being out, but some how water was getting into it and causing it go out like mad. we replaced it several times last year. but i never got a ticket. i was pulled over ONE time for doing something actually bad that I knew was bad... it was one in the morning... iw as on my way home from work and dont stop believing came on, so i blasted it and a cop pulled me over, but didnt give me a ticket. i like to think it's because he secretly loves journey too.

i've only had one ticket, but it was for the accident I was in a while back.


Sultan of Swat
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I've had my license since eighteen years old and I never got a ticket. I got pulled over a few times since the cop wanted to see my ownership of my truck. I imagine he didn't believe someone my age could own a truck like that.

My brother was stopped once because when the cop read our license plate, it said that the color of the truck was white, but we painted it yellow and never registered it. So we got a 48 hour ticket, that got removed after he went to the License Bureau to change it.


So far, I haven't gotten any tickets...luckily.

Btw, we don't get tickets for the loud music or dark windows, over here.


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I haven't had a traffic ticket yet.

I don't see myself getting one anytime soon either, I'm really careful to keep the traffic laws because I don't want to have to pay for a ticket.


It's not me, it's you.
I've been given 3 warnings, and 2 speeding tickets over the last 14 years. I don't think that's a bad record. I've taken defensive driving both times that I got a ticket.

Also, my very first speeding ticket was given to me on my 21st birthday. I thought the guy was a prick, because no one goes the speed limit on that road. I was just one of the saps that got caught that day.


I'm serious
I've had a few speeding fines. Maybe about 8 or so? I've been driving 11 years now. So that's not too bad I suppose. I've had a few more (about 3 or 4) tickets for skipping a red light. Those I got squashed though as it's actually legal for a single female in SA to skip a stop or traffic lights after 11pm. Obviously I stopped to make sure it was safe to go, or slowed down, but I still went over them while they were red.

You gotta love South Africa! Safety first! ;)