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Traffic Management


aka ginger warlock
I have recently decided to terminate one of my current Broadband providers (I have two going into my house, Sky and Virgin Media), I have been told that by doing so I will be worse off because the Virgin will soon start to traffic manage my broadband speed and put restrictions in place. Now I did a bit of digging and found out this is true but not in the "they will throttle you" way that Sky would have me believe, I will grant them, it is a good scare tactic but after five minutes of going onto Google and doing some actual research it is not as bad as they make out, they are simply trying to scare me and they have failed.

For those who may be unaware Traffic Management and Throttling are two terms that have been around for some time now in the UK, they basically mean that if you use the internet for an exceeded limit they can slow you down for a period of time but they cannot stop your services and normally this is done in what is considered to be peak hours (6PM to 10PM) on week nights. The thing is the terms get messed up so much they start to confuse themselves, Sky say they do not throttle but they do have a fair usage policy which is in effect the same thing so boo to you Sky, stop f'kin lying to me.

Do you think though that traffic management and fair usage policies should apply? Should you be monitored or if you pay for the speed you do should you get it consistently but possibly slow the network down for others?


Well-Known Member
As far as I'm concerned unless you signed for that in a contract then they can't do it. I think you should have access to the speed you pay for all the time (except during a service interruption which is acceptable every now and again).

I'm lucky in that I have a small ISP. We get it through a receiver in the roof rather than through a physical cable. This means the internet my neighbors use won't effect me because we don't share a connection in the infrastructure.

If they throttled our connection I'd be upset with them.

To be honest. My connection fluctuates between 50% and 150% of what it should be. Good enough for me I guess. Not a lot of options.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I'm on satellite and mine slows down in the evening but I think that's because there is so many people using it. I know people on broadband and it does the same thing. They sold more subscriptions than they can support.