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Trading Card Games (TCG)


Problematic Shitlord
Anybody still play any TCG's?

I used to play Magic in college and Yu-Gi-Oh! in high school. I wish I had the money to keep up with Magic because it's extremely fun and very challenging. I like collecting cards when I can get them now. Want to see something ridiculous? One of, if not the rarest Magic cards out there:

Magic The Gathering, magic cards, singles, card lists, deck ideas.

Yep, almost $3600!

What TCG do you collect? Any favorite cards?


Ms. Malone
I got back into playing YGO over the past 12 months, a friend built me a Harpie Lady deck and I love it :D

I tried MTG, but the duels take far too long and I got really bored :lol: It was fun to learn though and I almost won my first game!


Registered Member
I still love playing MTG, even though I started nearly 12 years ago, with the introduction of the Mercadian Masks expansion.
My favourite style was always all-out agression, so I mainly played red decks. I tried YGO at some point, because my cousin plays it, but it didn't convince me (though it's quite similar to MTG)

Oh and Black Lotus - keep the dream alive :D


Registered Member
I used to collect and play the Star Trek TCG, and that was always a lot of fun. I don't do that any more though because it's quite an expensive pastime, and I've long lost touch touch with the friends I used to play it with. Such a shame.


Registered Member
My husband played the Magic one at some point in high school. He has a ton of cards still. I'm sure eventually we will bring them out and he will teach me now to play. :)

We have LOTR tcg and Harry Potter.


Registered Member
I play MTG competitivly. I don't have any cards over 80 dollars though. actually I think my most expensive card is only 50 or something since it lost value. I don't play vintage so I don't really need those uber expensive cards.

I also play pokemon. I used to play competitivly and back in the day I went to regionals every year for 3 years befoer I quit. I have taken it up again just for fun.

I used to play Yugioh but I never sank money into it or anything and I honestly can say I just dno't like it. I think my contorl/burn deck still exists somewhere........


The only TCG I have ever played in my life is Pokemon. And I haven't played it for a really long time. I still have a box full of Pokemon cards somewhere though.


Registered Member
I played two TCG games, Yu-Gi-Oh was the one that I played the most.. I tried out Magic a couple times as well but it didn't really stick with me once I moved back to Pennsylvania and started playing football.

I collected Pokemon cards, and from what I can remember, I only actually played it once.


New Member
I always liked collecting all the different sets of Marvel cards back in the day I don't know if they still make collector cards or not.


Creeping On You
I was into Pokemon cards back before I was in highschool. They got banned from my school because of how many immature kids would fight over them. Ignorant kids cheating younger kids out of good expensive cards.

I never played the actual game though, I just collected the cards. I spent 5 bucks to buy a kids whole collection of 200+ cards lol. It probably cost his parents WAYYYY more and apparently he got in trouble for selling them to me haha. In the end though I ended up just letting my little brothers have them because once I got to highschool, they were just a useless box of cards lol.