Trade Schools: A waste of time?


Son of Liberty
I didn't go to a trade school, but I know alot of people who have. And to be honest this article really doesn't surprise me as I've heard nothing but bad news about these institutions.

One fast–growing American industry has become a conspicuous beneficiary of the recession: for–profit colleges and trade schools.

At institutions that train students for careers in areas like health care, computers and food service, enrollments are soaring as people anxious about weak job prospects borrow aggressively to pay tuition that can exceed $30,000 a year.

But the profits have come at substantial taxpayer expense while often delivering dubious benefits to students, according to academics and advocates for greater oversight of financial aid. Critics say many schools exaggerate the value of their degree programs, selling young people on dreams of middle–class wages while setting them up for default on untenable debts, low–wage work and a struggle to avoid poverty. And the schools are harvesting growing federal student aid dollars, including Pell grants awarded to low–income students.

The average annual tuition for for-profit schools this year is about $14,000, according to the College Board. The for-profit educational industry says it is fulfilling a vital social function, supplying job training that provides a way up the economic ladder.

“When the economy is rough and people are threatened with unemployment, they look to education as the way out,” said Harris N. Miller, president of the Career College Association, which represents approximately 1,400 such institutions. “We’re preparing people for careers.”

The New Poor - For-Profit Schools Cashing In on Recession and Federal Aid -
have you ever been confronted by or talked to one of these recruiters? Do you know anyone who has?


Do What Thou Wilt
Yeah, trade schools are nothing but bad news. At the local one (UTI, or Urinary Track Infection, as my teacher calls it), they charge 40,000 tuition a year and you don't even get a degree. While UMass Dartmouth, the college I've got my eye on, Charges 20,000 a year (including board and meal plans), and you get a proper degree. 4 years of Umass is the same price as 2 at UTI, and You get an actuall degree. Tell everyone you know not to waste their time on Trade schools.