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Tracy Morgan's onstage homophobic comments


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I figured that this belong in "Other News" since it wasn't directly about any of Tracy Morgan's shows, etc. I couldn't really find an appropriate area in Showbiz, but the GF mods are welcome to move this if they need to.

Apparently, Tracy Morgan (I was a big fan, not sure what to think now) went into a pretty homophobic rant during a recent stand-up outing:

Tracy Morgan's Homophobic Remarks In Anti-Gay Stand Up Set UPDATE: Morgan Apologizes

I tried to find a site that best captured the story, and the Huffington Post's Entertainment section had the best synopsis.

Thoughts? How will this affect his career?


Ms. Malone
I didn't know who he was until the article said 'he played the transvestite in Adam Sandler's 'The Longest Yard'' :lol:

I've seen all kinds of comedians prod and poke at the gays, but you can tell it's in good fun and not meant to really insult anyone; what he said stepped over the line and he may not be as popular as before, or it'll end his career.


Embrace the Suck
I've always been a fan of Morgan's, I loved him in Cop Out with Bruce Willis, I watch every time I catch it on HBO. But comments like these are uncalled for. This is just so wrong.