Tracy Mcgrady Sig


Sultan of Swat
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I really like it my friend I like how you put Tracy McGrady and I really like the background good job. 7.5/10


Pretty good for your first sig. I think with a better font, clearer pic, and less of that blurry stuff on the sides, that would make a great sig. And I like how you used Tracy McGrady ;D

Kobe MVP

ok since its ur first sig i can say that the bg is way too easy and the text could be better
i like the effects u used and i like the manipulation of the photo
keep it up man


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Those sides....are good but too blurry, there is a thin line between the good blurry and the too much blurry >>;

I like the way u did his name also, don't see that way much when ppl make sigs. The pics is nice also, good choice. Now if it could just be alittle clearer then we would have a wonderful sig on our hands ^_^ I give it a 7/10, nice first or so try.